Team Development Workshops

Leading Change in the Workplace

Our focused workshop is presented over one or two days. We can discuss which elements would be helpful to touch upon in your session.

Here’s a broad outline of the full session:
Managing Transitions (Based on the work of William Bridges)

Leading Change Workshop 01

Sharing ideas

Leading Change Workshop 02

Sorting an affinity diagram

Overall Theme:

Understanding the power and shared responsibility to navigate change to the desired outcome – what is expected of us, and how to support others.

The focus of the sessions is on people skills in the effort to lead a major change effort in the organization. We focus on the leadership perspective needed to lead change. Leadership is a shared quality among all participants.

This won’t be focused on identifying the work specific tasks as much as on the relationships we need to develop and maintain as we lead the charge.

How we think and feel about change can create the confidence and buy-in among others in the organization that we need to support as the change takes place.

Topics for Session Modules:

Session 1:

How do we think about change – as individuals, as a team, as an organization? Expected Outcomes – setting realistic expectations

Identify the Problem and the Challenge: What is the current situation – from different perspectives

How have we handled the changes to this point and where are we headed? What has been working, what needs a new infusion of attention and energy?

Session 2:

Leading Change: What to do and what not to do – examples (20 minutes)

The Transitions Model: Endings – The Neutral Zone – New Beginnings

Endings: How to let go of the past – with dignity and respect

Navigating the Neutral Zone: Understanding the uncertainty, and how to grow through it.

Sessions 3 & 4:

Launching New Beginnings – Implementing the 4 “Ps”

  • The Purpose
  • The Picture (vision)
  • The Plan
  • The Parts (roles)

Taking care of yourself – work/life balance amidst the pressures of change

Personal Commitments - What do you plan to do with this shared perspective?

Individual commitment sharing in small groups and then in a large group

Celebrate Letting Go – and The New Beginning

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