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Create a Positive Workplace Workshop

Defuse Rumors, Gossip, and Other Office Toxins

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Workshop Presentation

Everyone likes to look forward to going to work at the start of the day. More than the work itself, a positive environment can motivate and energize everyone there. Everyone together set the tone for that experience.

There are many ways that the workplace can become stressful and conflict ridden. When that happens, there is a shared responsibility to speak-up and constructively resolve issues or behaviors that are getting in the way of being mutually supportive and collectively productive.

This workshop starts by developing a positive description of the workplace that is drawn from participant desires and practical expectations. Participants develop an agreement of their shared workplace values, and then explore ways to ensure this is developed and preserved.

This program also increases participant awareness of how rumors, gossip, and other office toxins affect the atmosphere and effectiveness in the workplace. The Team Craft facilitator provides a safe environment and provides participants with methods for defusing toxic situations and environments.

Participants learn effective problem solving techniques. Using interactive scenarios and role-play techniques, activities focus on modeling integrity, accountability, and conflict resolution.

The program is available as a series of modules that focus on applicable skills. Workshop skills are developed based on:

  • The Four Steps of Change
  • Four Levels of SkillDevelopment
  • Four Levels of Accountability
  • Steps for Effective Resolution

Facilitated dialogues and discussion create a collaborative environment in which to improve communication skills and promote teamwork in the work place.

The program agenda and inclusion of modules is developed based on client needs, interests, and length of the session.

Workshop length ranges from a half-day to a full day (from 3 to 7 hours). The program can be presented as a series. For example, three half-day can gradually address the four sub-topics identified above. If conflict is active, a series approach can be most productive.

Positive Workplace Workshop Lead Facilitator: Noel Pompa Noel's excitement about experiential learning is contagious. Dozens of corporate teams have gotten caught-up in his enthusiasm and zeal for experiencing life to the fullest.

Noel is an adjunct faculty member at the School of Social Work at the University of Texas in Austin. Noel is also an interpersonal relationships coach for several college sports teams.

Program Characteristics

  • Groups of from 6 to 60 people – or more.
  • Format: Can be focused on your business and industry
  • Location: Indoor meeting space with open area for activities.(activities can be done outdoors)
  • Length: A full day program. OR a shorter session can focus on specific topics of your choosing.

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