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Interpersonal and Team Style Workshop

Communication Skill Building

Team Communication Workshop 01

Describing style differences

Effective teams demonstrate real communication skills. This session is focused on the communication challenges people constantly face on the job. Participants gain useful insight on their behavior styles and communication patterns and new ways to employ them to achieve results. During a Personal Styles seminar participants can...

  • Assess ones communication style in light of the needs of the team.
  • Compare and contrast ones style with other team members.
  • Explore effective communication strategies for various situations.
  • Practice the skills during experiential team building activities.

Participants value and enjoy the process of identifying and discussing the personal behavior styles that produce their team dynamics. During the workshop, people come to understand these styles as normal, fairly predictable, and necessary to have in a fully functioning team. The differences among team members ensure the kind of diversity necessary to help the team be productive.

Team Communication Workshop DiSCModel

DiSC Model

At times these styles can cause friction and confusion within the team. We describe how this can happen and useful strategies to take advantage of the strengths and minimize the unpleasantness that can occur, especially in times of stress.

For an in-depth personal and team profile analysis participants take an online survey prior to the seminar. We use the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile System which generates a personalized style analysis that can be downloaded as a PDF document immediately upon completing the survey.

DiSC is the acronym used for these survey instruments that identify and profile each person’s communication and behavior style. The letters stand for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, which make up the four main style characteristics in the model. Each individual’s combination of style characteristics is the basis for their identifiable Classical Pattern.

Team Communication Workshop 04

Working the maze

Respondents read their report in preparation for the team session. The document provides analysis on a variety of factors that describe one’s leadership style, interpersonal dynamics, and team roles where they can likely add real value to their team’s process. Helpful suggestions are provided to encourage new and effective behaviors on the team. These reports cost $95 per person. The report is available in both English and Spanish.

View a sample Everything DiSC Workplace profile report by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Related profiles can be developed that focus on a person's management style and sales approach.

Team Communication Workshop Icon discIf you select an online response version, we can also produce a collective team profile: a Workplace Culture Report —an analysis of the the team culture given the aggregate of communication styles within the team. This report contains graphs and diagrams for easy comprehension, short descriptions of each member's profile strengths, an explanation of the DiSC model, and descriptions of good team practices given their varied styles. The Team Analysis is $200 in total for the entire team with up to twenty members.

Additional team concepts relevant to effective communication can be included in the program as time allows, such as...

Team Communication Workshop 03

Learning about personal style differences

  • the Stages of Team Development;
  • the Teamwork Grid;
  • the concept of FLOW and the psychology of optimal experience;
  • the CONNECT communication model;
  • a summary of the research from The Wisdom of Teams.

We use this information to support a lively discussion and make several productive observations about how the team can identify its own unique path to high performance.

This program can be conducted in from four to eight hours - relative to the level of detail and development the team wants to pursue.

This program is also available in more basic & shorter formats.

The “Classic” version of the DiSC Personal Profile System can also be taken online. It too produces a PDF, though with less detail on personal characteristics. This version is supported with a two to four hour seminar and costs $75 per person, in addition to program time.

Team Communication Workshop 05

Gathering input

A paper version of the Classic DiSC is available for $45 per person, and can be completed at the start of a program.

A short and very general description of styles uses a paper survey instrument called the Personal Profile Preview. We can do this presentation in from one to two hours. It can work well at the outset of any other team building program we conduct. This costs $20 per person for the survey booklet and related materials.

All DiSC materials costs are in addition to program time costs.

Team Communication Workshop 02

Showing style focus graphs

Any one of these programs develops a shared understanding of the mix of personal communication, decision making, and role behavior styles within the group, which is affirming and enlightening for everyone. People leave with new awareness and a shared language about their communication styles that they can continue to develop to support their ongoing teamwork and sales efforts. We emphasize how people benefit from their differences and how each person can modify their style to be most effective in different situations, both within the team and with general interactions in business and life in general.

These instruments have been validated as highly reliable in their identification and description of behavior styles.

Related Inscape Profile Instruments and related Team Craft workshops are available that explore more in-depth Team Dimensions, Coping and Stress, Discovering Diversity, Personal Listening, Time Mastery, and Work Role Expectations. Contact Team Craft for more information.

View Brochure a copy of this information in a "PDF" file for printing and sharing with others offline.

Download a Sample Personal Profile Report (computer software version) "PDF" file for printing this information and sharing with others offline.

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