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Teamwork Skills Workshop Series

Communication, Leadership, Producing Positive Change, and Creating a Healthy Work Environment

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Our Approach: Action Learning at Team Craft
Team Craft workshops get people actively involved in the learning. We combine experiential activities with specific skill training that is immediately useful. Workshops allow time for more in-depth discussions, personal assessment, and team action planning than a short experiential team building session. For added impact, workshops can be done in combination with a team building format like InterActive Teams or City Sleuths.

Team Craft workshops are highly participatory with lively discussions and engaging activities. We can tailor the workshop, with your input, to fit your organization's specific industry, needs, and culture.

Team Development Workshop Overviews

Interpersonal & Team Communication Styles & Skills

Our program develops a shared understanding of the mix of personal communication, decision making, and role behavior styles within the group. It is affirming and enlightening for everyone. People leave with new awareness and a shared language about their communication styles that they can continue to develop to support their ongoing teamwork. We emphasize how people benefit from their differences and how each person can modify their style to be most effective in different situations, both within the team and with interactions in general. (90 minutes to 6 hours)

  • During a Team and Personal Styles seminar participants...
  • Learn about each other's personal behavior styles and how they affect communication.
  • Explore Team Craft's CONNECT model which suggests ways to ensure the message is understood among all parties involved.
  • Consider effective communication techniques for specific work situations.
  • Practice the skills during experiential team building activities.

Team member behavior styles are identified through a computer generated analysis based on a survey administered to each team member using valid and reliable survey instruments.

To learn more click this link: "Team Style Analysis"

Team Leadership Skills

In this workshop participants gain a shared outlook on leadership skills:

  • Discuss the qualities of high performance teams, and how team leaders develop great teams;
  • Identify their team’s location within the stages of team development, and
  • Ways to advance the team towards its goals;
  • Learn about Situation Leadership & Effective Communication Strategies;
  • Explore sharing leadership on a team.
  • Participate in a learning lab using experiential activities and a team problem solving process, and then consider where the process can be used back at work.

Leaders need resources to develop healthy relationships and to create a team environment that attracts and retains the best skilled people. Effective organizing, brainstorming, planning, and project tracking skills need to be shared and practiced among team members. Facilitation of these processes is an important skill to develop in team leaders. (six to eight hours)

Change Leadership

Our Change Leadership workshop starts by looking at change as a personal challenge, and builds to identify proven ways to promote change, in a leadership capacity, with and for others. Recent investigations have looked into what works, and what not to do; findings which are a big leap beyond common sense.

The most enduring companies are the ones that can successfully navigate in the challenge of changing demands and realities. Participants identify important change opportunities in their organization, and develop concrete plans to implement back in the workplace.

The workshop uses innovative ways to develop creative ideas and come to agreement among participants on the best opportunities to explore. Some engaging games and experiential activities bring change dynamics into focus from a personal perspective. (six to eight hours)

Create a Positive Workplace

This workshop starts by developing a positive description of the workplace that is drawn from participant desires and practical expectations. Participants then explore ways to nurture and grow this environment.

This program also increases participant awareness of how rumors, gossip, and other office toxins affect the atmosphere and effectiveness in the workplace.

The program is available as a series of modules that focus on applicable skills. The program agenda is developed based on client needs, interests, and length of the session. (four to eight hours)

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