Team Tournaments

The Eggs Games:
The Eggstreme Team Challenge

Team Tournament Program Overview

Eggstreme Team Challenge 01

Launch phase

Teams explore new eggsamples of creativity in this lightly competitive and fun challenge activity.

Teams with from 8 to 12 participants design, construct, test, and launch egg capsules to a large bulls eye target. Teams also develop presentations that tout their inventions using eggisms that really crack people up. The program can be conducted either indoors or outside.

Successful teamwork requires that each team develop a creative system of devices, and that they communicate effectively among sub-teams that work on different aspects of the project.

Teams earn points the closer their capsule lands to a bulls eye target, and extra points for not cracking-up in the process.

Highest points in the pecking order go to teams that land eggactly in the center of the target area. Other awards go to those deemed eggxemplary in collyokialisms, and eggstraordinary design.

By the end of the activity will a team have something to cluck about or will some have egg on their face? Effective teamwork will likely make the difference! A debrief discussion at the end of the activity, led by the facilitators, links winning team strategies and behaviors to effective team practices in the workplace.

Eggstreme Team Challenge 02

Exploring design options

Typical Schedule for the program

Example Time Schedule: approximately 2.5 to 3 hours

  • 15 minutes - program introduction
  • 15 minutes - Warm-up/Ice Breaker activities – teams formed
  • 60 to 90 minutes - construction time – test/practice time
  • 20 to 30 minutes - Design and —Product Launch Presentations
  • 20 to 30 minutes—Launch time
  • 15 minutes—Awards
  • 20 minutes Debrief time – key learning and applications to work

Awards: for eggcelence in shellected categories . . . Teamwork medals awarded to first place team

Download the The Egg Games - Team Tournament Program Overview "PDF" Acrobat file for printing this information and sharing with others offline.

Eggstreme Team Challenge 03

Aiming for a bullseye

Eggstreme Team Challenge 04

Launch Attempt

Eggstreme Team Challenge 05

Construction begins

Eggstreme Team Challenge 06

The fryers club sets to launch

Eggstreme Team Challenge 07

A great looking launch device

Eggstreme Team Challenge 08

Presenting the challenge

Eggstreme Team Challenge 09

Working on the feature presentation

Eggstreme Team Challenge 10

Total team picture

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