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Most everyone enjoys a contest, especially when its filled with suspense around being the most creative, clever, and witty team in the room. Great team organization skills and collective sparks of brilliance will be demonstrated by the most entertaining and successful teams in our Dueling Teams Tournament. This competition leaves everyone refreshed and enthusiastic about great teamwork, both as collaborators or competitors with other teams.

During a Dueling Teams Tournament company teams enjoy fun activities involving both competitive and collaborative skills. The program can run from 3 to 6 hours and involve several of teams. The more participants, the more fun and entertaining.


Participants are assigned to a team with up twelve participants, which is part of a larger multi-Dueling Team. Scores are kept of each team's performance in a series of activities. Depending on the challenge, success requires collaboration with some teams and competition with others. Figuring out a winning strategy is part of each team's challenge from the outset.

There are a wide range of both indoor and outdoor activities that can make up the activity. These include customized company oriented word puzzles: crossword, word search, anagrams, and word jumbles. Your corporate identity - product names, slogans, culture elements, technical knowledge - are woven into these puzzles to reinforce a general theme or important point for your gathering.

Team-Tournament-DT-3A debrief at the end of the session encourages discussion of the program message: that we all need to know when and who to compete with and when and how to collaborate, and to do both well to win the big game together.

At the conclusion, an "awards" ceremony recognizes teams with the highest scores. Team Craft facilitators draw out participant insights on winning strategies and great results.

A Dueling Teams Tournament is sure to be a great jump-start, re-energizer, or grand finale event to compliment a schedule of more cerebral meetings. Contact us today to arrange a program for your next large gathering.

Dueling Teams Tournament Program Characteristics

  • Group Size: a large group operates in smaller 6 to 12 member teams (24 participants +)
  • Length: 3 to 6 hours
  • Location: Large open area: indoors or outside
  • Budgeting: Price varies with number of participants, length, and location.

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