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Bridge Builders Team Tournament Program Overview

Team Tournament Bridge Builders 01

Award Winning Team

Bridge Builders is a fun, lightly competitive, and suspenseful event that draws on effective planning, communication, creativity, and a variety of other team skills to create the best bridge.

Several teams (of 8 to 15 members) are challenged to build a 3 foot long bridge using paper, foil, sticks and other select materials provided by Team Craft.

After making a plan, each team splits into two sub-teams to build their halves in different locations. Communication between sub-teams is limited to simulated phone calls, e-mails, faxes, and an express shipment of raw materials.

Team Tournament Bridge Builders 02

Working out the design

When construction time is over, the two halves are assembled. After short presentations touting their bridge’s design attributes, each bridge is tested to determine its load bearing ability. Team members determine the bridge’s load challenge and are vying to build the strongest bridge compared to other teams.

Teams must also incorporate multiple elements of quality into their bridge building. Teams aim for success across five other dimensions as well: build-to-plan, length, and aesthetics. Winning teams receive medals for effective teamwork.

A debrief at the end of the program ties the building experience to the challenge of coordinating teamwork across locations in the work arena.

Bridge Builders—Schedule Example Time Schedule: approximately 3.5—4 hours
  • 30 minutes—Ice Breaker—teams formed—challenge described
  • 30 minutes—Total team planning time
  • 10 minutes—sub-teams go to construction locations
  • 60—90 minutes—construction time
  • 15 minutes—break—teams assemble finished bridge parts
  • 30 minutes—Team Presentations and weight testing
  • 15 minutes—awards for best designs across all dimensions
  • 20 minutes—debrief—key learnings and applications to work

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Team Tournament Bridge Builders 03

Finalizing Construction

Team Tournament Bridge Builders 05

Celebrating the win

Team Tournament Bridge Builders 04

Sustaining a 7 pound stress test

Team Tournament Bridge Builders 08

9 pounds of stress so far

Team Tournament Bridge Builders 06

Construcing one half of the bridge

Team Tournament Bridge Builders 07

Will it withstand the test

Team Tournament Bridge Builders 9

Starting the stress test

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