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Large Group Team Building Activities

Most everyone enjoys a contest, especially when the challenge is to identify the most creative, clever, and witty team in the room. Great team organization skills and collective sparks of brilliance by the most successful teams are on display in a Team Tournament.

These competitions leave everyone enthusiastic about great teamwork. Teams don't beat each other up. Rather, they show their smarts by producing great solutions to off beat challenges. Some losing teams may wind up crying, but it'll be from laughing too hard at the wacky turn of events that you couldn't script, as teams show-off their best efforts to the other teams involved.

Any one of the tournaments listed on the menu to the right may be the best remembered session at your meeting, which makes it a great platform to demonstrate effective team skills and to develop lasting relationships. One of these sessions is sure to be a great jump-start, re-energizer, or grand finale event to compliment a schedule of more cerebral meetings.

Contact us for more information about scheduling a Team Tournament for your upcoming event.

Program length: 2.5 to 4.5 hours
Total group size: 20+ (no upper limit)

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