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Movie Studio Movie Making and Festival Team Building Program

A-1-Discussing-the-movie-plotTeam Craft's movie making and film festival program involves everyone in a captivating project that requires real teamwork and produces a lasting result.

At the outset, we get everyone clear on the challenge, identify roles required to produce a movie, and train those involved in using the cameras and software. A project that can seem overwhelming at the outset, becomes manageable and fun; completely immersing the participants in a creative team effort.

A-2-preparing-the-story-boardsThe most successful teams set clear goals, identify clear roles and responsibilities, focus on effective communication, tap into creative expression, think on their feet, take initiative, and celebrate their shared accomplishment together at the culminating movie festival.

Everyone views and judge the videos and decide on awards. We facilitate a team debrief session after the activity to identify key learnings and work applications.

Create a Lasting Impression

A-3-the-start-of-a-movieAt the outset, each team identifies the message they want to convey, and decide how to communicate this in the short movie. Team members work out the story line, write the script, and storyboard the imaging. Unexpected events occur along the way that require teams to adapt: take advantage of new opportunities, or work around unexpected barriers.

When the movies are done, everyone gathers for a film festival to share their finished product. ‘Oscar' like awards are presented for the best in the best known categories: best actors, best director, best editing, and best movie. Afterwards, the team is provided with a permanent record of their experience to enjoy and share with others.

Team Craft's Expert Facilitation: There are learning curves to scale in the details of making a successful movie. We provide the support and environment to generate the creative results teams envision. We support each team's effort along the way.

The Movie Studio experience and learnings can be reinforced after the event - given the permanent record of the video that is available for each participant.

Program Characteristics

A-4-Shooting-the-movie-2Scenario/Objective: Produce a 1 to 2 minute video in the form of a commercial or PSA related to the company or meeting theme.

Participants: Each team has from 8 to 12 participants.

Time Requirements: The activity is conducted in three stages. Stage one: 3 to 4 hours for orientation, planning, and video shooting involving the whole team. Stage two: 3 to 4 hours for editing - involving two team members. Stage three: The film festival held during a cocktail party or meal celebration.

Other scheduling options can shoot the video in the afternoon, with editing in the evening, and a film festival the following day.
A-5-Shooting-the-movieLocation: This program can take place anywhere: the more unusual or exotic the better. Participants use the 'local color' and resources at hand in the production.

A Program within a Program: Movie planning and production typically occur in the morning while editing occurs in the afternoon. During Stage two, while a few team members edit the production into a finished movie, other team members can participate in a Team Craft team building format such as City Sleuths or InterActive Teams that keeps everyone fully involved throughout the program time.

Budgeting: A Movie Studio program price varies with the number of participants, customization and equipment needs, length, and location. Contact us for a price quote.

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