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Ka-POW Energizers


KA-POW! – is a series of short and lively activities designed to motivate and energize a group to initiate relationships and teamwork.

We ignite the fuse - then KA-POW!: our facilitators transform an anonymous gathering into an active TEAM environment.

KA-POW! is an effective format to Kick-start a large gathering and set a theme and tone for the sessions to follow.

The program involves fast paced activities that combine getting to know you ice breakers with a series of quick problem solving activities to promote effective teamwork.

Small activity teams are quickly formed several times during the program so participants meet and interact with many others involved in the program.

Our experienced facilitator’s know the formula for holding a group’s attention, keeping the energy high, injecting good humor, and encouraging learning from each another.

Common activity themes:

Team Building Ka-POW 3

The build up challenge in Cheerleader during Ka-POW.

  • Break the Ice and Get to Meet New People
  • Taking initiative
  • Creativity
  • Effective problem solving
  • Learning and sharing what we learn, and
  • Encouraging and acknowledging each other’s achievements

Activity names give a hint as to what goes on. Here is a sampling: Listening claps, Scar stories, Tiny Teach, Try and Find Yourself, Commonalities, Advanced Simon Says, A Pirate’s Life, Cheerleader, and People Machines.

We have dozens of activities to select from to develop a mix that keeps the session lively and attention-grabbing while connecting to your theme and objectives.

Program Characteristics:

  • Size: Groups with from 20 to 200 or more
  • Length: 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Location: can be done indoors or outside
  • Format: Activities will be selected to fit your theme and objectives.

We can mix it up and include some Strings & Strands activities in longer programs.

Download the Ka-Pow Team Building Activity Series Overview "PDF" Acrobat file for printing this information and sharing with others offline.

Team Building Ka-POW 1

Teammates cheer for the final contestants in the Cheerleader activity.

Team Building Ka-POW 2

Lowering the helium tub.

Team Building Ka-POW 4

Describing their piece of the puzzle during ZOOM.

Team Building Ka-POW 5

Participants pass through a series of hoops.

Team Building Ka-POW 6

Participants search for commonalities among their teammates.

Team Building Ka-POW 7

Noel Pompa leading a group during a Ka-POW team building.

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