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John Jay College DebriefTeam Craft provides programs for colleges, schools, and family/friend groups. These programs are often customized adaptations of our general offerings for companies and organizations.

College / University Programs

...are typically customized for specific groups and goals. The most frequent request is to provide new student orientation programs and activities. Our activities are often the very first experience new student groups have with each other.

Here are a few examples of programs:

John Jay College Activity

City College of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice Honors Program
  • Team Craft provides a day long new student orientation experience for these ninety honor students that focuses on relationship building and instilling the principles of team leadership. The message to these high achievers is that they are now the presumptive leaders of their class and should take the initiative to promote inclusion and support among their classmates.
University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business Master of Finance program
  • A three day orientation program contains mostly Team Craft activities that focus on relationship building, exploring the business school building and resources, developing effective teamwork in ways that can result in successful study and project teams.
Cornell student debrief

Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Business – J.O.E. program
  • A day long orientation experience for first year MBA students is conducted by second year students. A Team Craft facilitator takes a day before the event to develop facilitator skills among the 2nd year students, and attends the activity to coach and support debriefs that focus on how to succeed in business school. The program, affectionately called J.O.E., stands for the Johnson Outdoor Experience.
University of Texas San Antonio Health Sciences Center – Medical Residents program
  • A half-day program uses InterActive Team activities to focus on themes of promoting effective communication and hand-offs in a hospital environment.

Additional Colleges and Universities where we have provided programs:
  • New York University Stern School of Business – undergraduate student orientation;
  • Carnegie Mellon University – graduate business school student orientation;
  • Austin Community College
  • National American University
  • Princeton University Women’s Tennis
  • Tulane University Executive MBA Program & ROTC program
  • University of Houston Center for Executive Development, & Executive MBA Program
  • University of Texas Dean of Students Office, Academic Center, & Athletic Department
  • The UT System TeleCampus
High School Leadership Activity

Schools and Youth Organizations

We tailor programs for high school and middle school student groups to be age appropriate related to the activity and the debrief conversations that follow. We also work with teachers and sponsoring organizations to target specific learning objectives.

Schools and Youth organizations where we have provided programs:

  • Austin Independent School District
  • The Bishop’s School of La Jolla, CA
  • Eanes ISD, Austin
  • Explore Austin
  • Future Leaders Program, Dallas
  • Hispanic Scholarship Consortium of Texas
  • Inspire U, San Antonio
  • Rockwall ISD, Dallas
  • The Great Academy, Denver
  • The Rise School
Family Programs

Team Craft custom designs programs for large extended family gatherings, often held at private family locations. We design the activity to fit the property qualities and the ages of the participants. Small teams made up of cousins and aunts & uncles aim to build bonds among the extended family members.

Activities have included customized scavenger hunts with playful activities for younger kids, and a variation of Trail Blazers that challenges teens and adults in a lightly competitive event.

Family Program activity
John Jay College celebration
Explore Austin middle school celebration
Explore Austin high school activity

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