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General Information


Select from many refined Program Formats: Customized for your team

We offer a variety of fun and proven team building formats; first-class experiences that we can adapt to your special interests. Our programs are fun professional training with high quality facilitation. Each one is described below this General Information section. Our focus is primarily with adult work teams, and college sponsored student teams. We also provide programs for large family groups and school groups with a high level of adult support and involvement.

Plan on some Serious Fun!

Our approach to team building is rooted in over twenty-five years of involvement in the field of experiential learning. From the beginning, we have built both effective learning design and having fun into every Team Craft programs.


It's not just an event, it's Real Team Development

Our program design process addresses a team’s specific skill needs from a new team formation, to informal networking, to skill development, to relationship building, to conflict resolution, and more.

We’ll develop a proposal to respond to your team's current issues and needs. The more information you provide through the Team Craft contact form, the better we can identify program options to meet your needs and expectations. We involve you in planning the schedule and selection of specific activities, as you desire. In addition, pre-program surveys, conference calls with your planning committee, and on-site meetings can be arranged to identify or propose a format, set realistic expectations, and target outcomes. Please request this added input if it is of interest.


We Work With Groups of All Sizes & Fitness Levels

We accommodate groups with fewer than ten all the way up to several hundred participants. A large group is organized into smaller activity teams during a program. Teams often collaborate with each other to solve interrelated challenges, or lightly compete to see who are the most clever, creative, and effective teams.

Some team building program formats work better with smaller groups, others larger, and for many, it doesn't matter. Our program format descriptions identify minimum or maximum participant numbers as relevant.

Basically, participants only need to show up and be open to interacting on a team. We can provide you with pre-program information that you can circulate to participants that describe the basic program plan and how to prepare. We work particularly well with skeptics, who, by the end of a program, are typically surprised to find themselves not only relieved "it wasn't like that other program last year", but glad that they participated.


We conduct programs Anywhere

We Conduct Programs Anywhere ... at our place or yours

We conduct programs both indoors and out. We regularly travel to all points of North America to conduct our programs. See our Locations & Links section for an extensive list of areas we have frequented. We'll come to your place, no matter where you're located. And we can help you link up with other facilities across North America and beyond, from world-class to rustic, to meet your preferences.


The Role of Team Craft Facilitators

Team Craft facilitators help participants make the leaps. . . from fun activity. . . to management concept . . . to on-the-job behavior. Our facilitators know how to flow with each group's momentum, elicit shared observations, and help participants apply key learnings to their work experience.

Team Craft staff are experienced professionals knowledgeable in the proper techniques and systems for ensuring client safety in the action learning environment.

Facilitators adapt the activities to fit the physical abilities of every member of the group. They also encourage participants to choose their individual level of challenge in program. This is the “challenge by choice” principle used in all our programs.

"The instructors were very impressive. They had fabulous personalities and ... were patient, supportive, intuitive and well informed."


Key Learnings, Action Planning, & Follow-through

After Team Craft, an individual's motivation to follow-through is greater than with traditional programs. At Team Craft, strong impressions are made based on first hand experience and lively discussions that can lead to both personal and team shared commitments. This is much different from what happens when a group sits and listens to a motivational speaker or participates in a simply-for-fun team outing. It is the major value-added quality of doing one of our programs.

Our experiential learning approach usually involves small (4 to 12 member) activity teams in a series of problem solving challenges and focused discussions. The ways the team members act during the activity typically mirrors and highlights their work-based strengths as well as areas for needed development. Participants are encouraged to track their many impressions throughout the experience. They distill these into a few key highlights and learning points at the end of the program. These become the stimulus to plan improvements in their work-based interactions. Some team building formats are more focused on work applications than others. InterActive Teams and Team Initiatives, for example, generate lots of work applications based on impressions from the experience.

Do you have additional questions? Fill out our contact form, send us an e-mail, or give us a call. You can also go to our FAQ section.

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