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Team Craft - Nature Sleuths

Team Craft Nature Sleuths

A hunt for natural, cultural, and historic curiosities - off the beaten path

Team Craft - Nature SleuthsTeam Craft developed this outdoor team building activity to create a fun competition among several small teams. Each team, with from 3 to 5 participants, aims to score the most points by finding answers to riddles, similar to City Sleuths. However, the riddles in Nature Sleuths include flora and fauna facts as well as hidden historic and curious cultural aspects that are fun to discover. Nature Sleuths uses GPS technology to present the challenge to participants.

Nature Sleuths is currently offered in two outstanding locations: Central Park Ramble in New York City and Zilker Nature Preserve in Austin.

Team Craft - Nature SleuthsIn New York, the Central Park activity takes place in the hilly wooded Ramble; and area of twisting trails along natural water and rock features. From an old “castle” to monuments and memorials, the Ramble makes a New York experience most unique and entertaining for locals and visitors alike. At times, one would never believe they are in the center of Manhattan, yet, in a few twists and turns along the trail, the city skyline reappears above the tree line; a dramatic juxtaposition that adds to the experience.

Austin’s Zilker Nature Preserve is a fabulous hidden gem located in a secluded section of Zilker Park; Austin’s “Central Park” rated one of the great city parks in America. The riddles focus on natural elements – flora, fauna, and geology - as well as historic curiosities from the dinosaurs to early pioneers. The area offers great vistas of Austin’ ever expanding 21st century skyline, located directly across Lady Bird Lake from this isolated preserve.

Team Craft - Nature SleuthsNature Sleuths is designed to reward effective team problem solving and communication skills, build relationships, and provide a fun and challenging experience in an informal and witty way.

Participants walk away with insight toward better teamwork and an upgraded informal network among fellow participants that “greases the skids” for working better together in the future.

This activity typically is conducted over 5 hours. The time flies as the challenge evolves. The program begins with a 30 minute orientation. Teams are instructed in using the hand held GPS devices to locate riddle locations along the trails.

The last 30 minutes of the program involves scoring, awards, and a debrief. The winning team members receive gold medals. This last part of the program can be scheduled at a different location outside the park, back at a hotel or restaurant, to review results and celebrate the wins.

The debrief at the end identifies effective team practices that helped score points and draws on participants to identify how these skills apply in their work environment.

If you have another location to suggest, where you would like to have your group experience Nature Sleuths, contact us.

Team Craft - Nature Sleuths

Team Craft - Nature Sleuths

Team Craft - Nature Sleuths

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