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Team Craft - Austin City Sleuths

Austin City Sleuths: The Smart Witty Scavenger Hunt

Team Craft - Austin City SleuthsOur City Sleuths activity is conducted in popular cities with great locations for wandering and exploring. City Sleuths is the intelligent alternative to the standard scavenger hunt. It is designed to reward effective team problem solving and communication skills, build relationships, and provide a fun and challenging experience.

In Austin, the program is conducted downtown, in and around the UT campus, and in the Zilker Nature Preserve ­- across Lady Bird Lake from downtown. In downtown Austin you can select program areas that include Sixth Street and other entertainment districts, the State Capitol, the Austin History Center, and the scenic shoreline of Lady Bird Lake.

A team working on a scavenger hunt riddle during Austin City Sleuths

A team working a scavenger hunt riddle during City Sleuths

In each location, participants discover fun facts. The activity includes riddles associated with local history and curious artifacts mixed with the weird and humorous. It’s all done in a space that is walkable, with no down time waiting for and riding in taxis or buses.

Participants walk away with insight toward better teamwork, and an upgraded informal network among fellow participants that “greases the skids” for working better together in the future.

The riddles are entertaining; the answers clever and humorous. They are tested over time, so we know they work without undue confusion.

Team Craft - Austin City SleuthsTeam sizes are small to ensure everyone stays involved: from 3 to 5 participants. Teams are competing to score the most points.

The program begins with a short orientation, after which teams head out to find and answer the riddles. A one round version lasts 2.5 to 3 hours. A two round program lasts 4 hours. The Zilker Nature Sleuths activity lasts 4.5 hours.

The last 30 minutes of a program involves scoring, awards, and a debrief. We end the program at the start location, your meeting location, or at a restaurant or lounge.

Planning at the start of City Sleuths Scavenger Hunt

Planning at the start of City Sleuths

Winning team members receive faux gold medals. Everyone gets a memento of the experience. The debrief at the end identifies effective team practices that helped score points. We draw on participants to identify how these skills apply in their work environment. Learning outcomes from the activity reinforce the value of effective planning, and demonstrate the benefits of being great listeners/communicators, checking assumptions, and seeking information from reliable sources.

Let us solve the riddle of what program to do for your upcoming team activity. City Sleuths is the answer you’re looking for! Request a detailed proposal by using our contact sheet or calling Team Craft at 888­-400­-7077.

Program Characteristics

    • Groups of from 6 to 160 participants organized into 3 to 5 member teams.
    • Length:
      • Programs can last from two to five hours.
    • Districts:
      • Four program areas in Downtown Austin:
        • Sixth Street Entertainment District (south downtown, east of Congress)
        • Warehouse Entertainment District (south downtown, west of Congress)
        • The State Capitol and north side of downtown
        • Along Lady Bird Lake up to the Austin History Center (west side of Congress)
        • ...Or a blend of areas that focus on central downtown (6th and Congress epicenter)
      • Right out the door of your downtown hotel - within walking distance.
      • The UT Campus and environs.
      • Our Nature Sleuths program in beautiful Zilker Nature Preserve across Lady Bird Lake from downtown Austin.
  • Download a City Sleuths Austin PDF Spec Sheet to share with others.

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