Partner Properties

Team Craft Partner Properties

Providing A Seamless and Great Experience for Our Clients

Very often, clients requesting a Team Craft program already have selected the location where they want the program conducted. We gladly provide programs where requested.

We coordinate with the staff of client selected locations to identify room or outdoor area specifications and set­up needs. Our aim is to keep the planning process simple and easy for the client. If there is a need to identify a location, we aim to be of assistance.

Team Craft continues to add to our network of high quality locations where we conduct our activities, workshops, and retreats. All of our programs are mobile, and many can be conducted both inside or outdoors.

Team Craft provides additional information about select locations where we have a great experience coordinating with location staff on behalf of clients. They may refer have referred you to us, or you may identify several here, or ask us for recommendations.

Current partners are listed to the right. Several have links to an additional information page on this site, and/or a link directly to their website contact information. (We are adding to this list as we finalize our new website.)

If you are a location with a facility where we have previously collaborated to support a client, contact us to add your information on this website and share links to make coordination with clients a seamless process. If you are a potential partner, contact us to discuss ways to make that happen.

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